When the 5th Lord Raglan died in 2010, the title was inherited by his brother Geoffrey Somerset and will, in due course, pass to his son, the Hon. Arthur Somerset.


Once it became public knowledge that the Raglan Collection and Cefntilla Court were to be put up for sale, a group of like-minded individuals decided to set up the Raglan Rescue. We were utterly appalled that such significant parts of our heritage were set to be sold off and broken up and felt that something had to be done to bring this travesty to the attention of as many people as possible. Our primary aim was to raise awareness of:

a)  the sale at Christie’s, South Kensington, originally scheduled for April 4th, 2012, of the incomparable collection of items associated with Lord Fitzroy Somerset, the 1st Baron Raglan and;

b) the sale of the Raglan seat, Cefntilla Court, Llandenny, Monmouthshire.

Following a High Court injunction, both the sale at Christie’s of the Raglan Collection and the sale of Cefntilla Court have been postponed. The injunction is to be reviewed at the end of May, 2012. The Raglan Rescue continues to do all it can to raise awareness of the cause and to raise funds in the event of the rescheduling of the auction and house sale.

5 Responses to Background

  • Bruce Burrow says:

    My Great Grandfather Corporal Thomas Burrow Grenadier Guard was struck on his skull by a Russian Musket ball which fractured it at the Battle of Alma. He amazingly survived the wound and the appaling conditions in Scutari Hospital. How lucky am I that his genes run in my veins.
    Lord Raglan who had lost his arm fighting under Wellington rode his horse halfway up the cliff towards the Russians.
    He sent for an artillery piece and from this precarious position was able to direct fire at the Russian Redoubts no doubt contributing to saving many British lives and helping in the defeat of the Russians.
    I own a property in the township of “Raglan” Victoria Australia.
    All hail to you trying to save the gifted house and the Crimean War National Treasures.

  • Lisa Rogers says:

    As a member of a long established Monmouthshire family, I feel it is only right & proper that the collection remains intact, in Monmouthshire; in Raglan’s seat with the titled family, The Raglans.

  • richard hughes says:

    Best of luck with campaign.

  • Geoffrey Barton-Greenwood FRICS says:

    My wife and self were fortunate to be shown around Cefntilla Court by the late Lord Raglan while he remained fit. His pride in his family history and unique legacy was sincere and inborn. We feel he would truly have wished Cefntilla Court and its treasures be passed on intact to his heirs and successors and indeed to our country. This should not be thwarted !

  • Jonny Holt says:

    This is a righteous and principled campaign. The inscription above the front door of Cefntilla Court makes it clear that the gift was effectively an unceasing obligation to all of Field Marshal Lord Raglan’s heirs. Its proclamation was also a recognition and affirmation of the public interest in memorialising his part in our country’s history.

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