It seems that as the review of the High Court Injunction approaches ever closer, our Raglan Rescue campaign continues to gain momentum  – which is fantastic news!

Over the past few days, we have seen David Davies, MP for Monmouth, sign the Raglan Rescue e-petition, a strong indication that news of the potential sales of the Raglan Collection and the Raglan seat, Cefntilla Court has come to the attention of those in Government. Let’s hope that this may go some way to help to achieve a positive outcome in the High Court at the end of the month.

Thanks to Lisa Rogers for lending her support to our campaign. Lisa is a familiar face on British television, having been involved with, amongst other programmes, Scrapheap Challenge, Channel 4′s Big Breakfast and Match Day on the ITV Sport Channel. She has also regularly reported for ITV1′s On the Ball. Amongst other television shows, she has presented Carlton TV’s motoring series Pulling Power, Football Fever on the BBC and BBC Choice’s 45 Minutes of Football. Additionally she has been a regular presenter on Top of the Pops Plus. Her family originates from Trellech, near Monmouth. Lisa currently lives in Monmouthshire.

Lisa’s comment reads as follows:-

‘As a member of a long established Monmouthshire family, I feel it is only right & proper that the collection remains intact, in Monmouthshire; in Raglan’s seat with the titled family, The Raglans.’  Lisa Rogers

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